Shopping for Murder Derrick Yancey and Linda Yancy

Linda Yancey
Linda Yancy
Derrick and Linda Yancy who met in high school and had been together for more than fifteen years when Derrick killed her by shooting her. He made it appear as though he had hired an illegal alien to do yard work and that that person was the one who killed her, he shot and killed the illegal alien. Both their sons were devastated at her death.

Derrick was obsessed with keeping up with the Jones and one upping his neighbors. Linda resented him for this behavior as it nearly drove them to bankruptcy. This desire to appear better than everyone, divorce was not an option. The truth is Linda was on the verge of leaving and had talked about divorce with friends.

The autopsy revealed all Linda's wounds were close range shots instead of the wild gun fight Derrick claimed to have had happened. Her gun wounds would have shot blood when CPR was being performed which meant he did not perform CPR at all. Derrick also had fine mist blood on his clothing as well. 

Derrick turned himself in for arrest. The judge knew him and his stellar work record and gave him bond. He cut off his ankle bracelet, fled to Belize,  He was later convicted of two counts of murder and two counts of weapon possession and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. He has since appealed the conviction and lost.

His appeal (see link) included:

Viewed in the light most favorable to the verdict, the evidence shows that Appellant and Ms. Yancey were having marital problems in early 2008, and Appellant had been talking about a divorce. On June 8, Appellant—who was employed as a DeKalb County deputy sheriff—called and informed his supervisor that he would not be available to work on the following day because “he had something to do.” On the morning of June 9, Appellant went to a place where day laborers frequently gathered to seek employment, and he hired Puluc—a native of Guatemala who spoke no English and had been in the United States for only about a month—to do some work at the home that Appellant and Ms. Yancey shared.

Appellant brought Puluc to the home, where he worked in the yard for most of the morning. Around lunchtime, Appellant offered some food to Puluc, and according to Appellant, he left Puluc alone in the kitchen to eat lunch. Ms. Yancey had been away from the home in the morning, but she returned shortly after noon, and around that time, Appellant asked Puluc to mow the lawn.3 A little while later, Appellant called 911 and reported that a day laborer had robbed and shot Ms. Yancey and that Appellant, in turn, had shot the day laborer. Appellant told the 911 operator that he was attempting to render aid to Ms. Yancey, and he allowed the operator to instruct him on the proper administration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), notwithstanding that he previously had been certified in CPR administration. After Appellant supposedly had performed CPR for a short time, the operator heard him walk away, something that she characterized as unusual in her experience. Appellant also told the operator that Puluc was moaning, and when she asked about the gun that Puluc supposedly had used, Appellant said, “I got it. I got it away from him.”

You can write to Derrick at:

Derrick Yancey
Derrick Yancey 1000421066
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1434 US HWY 84 EAST

You can email Derrick using Jpay - you will need to select Georgia and use ID 1000421066

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