Protecting your privacy just became a top priority

Nodot Domain is a very unique idea that allows for everyone to have true dotless domain names.
It was created with complete security and personal privacy in mind. The most common way companies collect information from you is, say you wanted to goto ( but accidentally typed ( or some other typo, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and others including google, msn, yahoo etc… collect that information, throw adds at you and then sell what you was searching for including the sites you visited.

The idea behind Nodot Domain is that this data mining is not acceptable. You should be able to search and visit the sites you want without big brother watching and collecting millions of dollars from what you do.

How is this possible?
Nodot Domain works independent of your ISP, by providing the same information from the same sites, but with a zero collecting policy. Your search records are never recored, stored or sold. Even if someone wanted the information it could not be provided because it's never kept.

The Dotless Domain:
As mentions before there is much more to Nodot Domain than just protecting your privacy. We wanted to offer something that was never thought possible. A domain name that has no need for (.com, .net, .org, .gov etc…) There was extensive research done on the security risk of such a domain and with the current system it could cause problems. So we created a completely new system called Nodot.

How it works is instead of having to typing http://www.your_domain_name when you wanted to visit a site you just type http://no.your_domain_name dropping the (www) and eliminating the (.com).

The Benefits:
The benefits are almost endless, it allows for a modern style domain system that does not rely on 20 year old technologies. It opens up nearly every domain name again along with not having big brother looking over your shoulder.

How to use Nodot Domain:
Switching to Nodot Domain is extremely simple and is 100% FREE. It supports every current security model along with a double encrypted DNS model. If the security was not enough, you will find that your browsing will be significantly faster. 

You can learn more at

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