Topless domain system finally working correctly!
     As much as I have enjoyed the challenge of creating a new topless domain system, which I feel was way overdue.  The biggest challenge now is how to let people know that they have another option in the saturated world of domain registration.

     Because the Nodot Domain system is independent of existing .com domains or any top level domain, making virtually every domain available again, the possibilities are very exciting.  The biggest advantage of course is having a topless domain, but just as importantly, that we can now move the Internet back to what it was supposed to be, free and independent.  The people who create and use all the sites and blogs we love and use daily should be the ones in control of how there information is provided.  Removing government control away form the domain registration with and give the control back to the people who make the Internet great.

If you would like to learn more about how how work or just have a suggestion or idea please feel free to let me know.

mail: [email protected]

no.domain -- Eliminate the .com

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