The truth behind dotless domains

Dotless domains have gotten a bad reputation based on a study performed by a independent firm.  In short, it stated that dotless domains could be a security risk based on allowing Public Domains to operate similarly to those of Private Domains.  The argument is that they would overlap and cause confusion.  In addition, the web browsers and servers do not have a standard in place to handle a dotless FQDN.  That is the exact reason behind creating Nodot Domain.  Instead of cluttering a already overly exhausted existing system with more and more top level domains, it was time to drop them completely and start from scratch.

If we was to create a dotless domain with the existing structure, it would be http://mydomainname.  But that simply would not work, as stated above, and would create many conflicts with the exiting system. 

The concept behind Nodot Domain is very simple.  By removing the www. along with all top level parts of the domain such as .com, .org, .net., .everyting and replacing it with a more secure and clean structure.  http://no.nodotdomain.  As you can see the new structure allows for a true dotless domain without the security, or conflicts, associated with the existing system. 

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