no.domain - Finally a dotless domain for everyone

Recently I decided that it would be fun to create a new site.  To say the least it has been an adventure.

I can testify that the entire process is not for the average person any longer.
We must face the fact that our government has gotten way to involved, and clever techniques for hacking have gotten better.

For example laws have changed so dramatically regulating how we are allowed to use technology, what information must be presented and for how long.  What?  That's what I found myself asking.

The first step for me was to register the domain.  I chose networksolutions since I have used them in the past and was happy.  This time around well, tings have changed.  After I finally settled on my domain  the up-sell was so intense that I am surprised that I did not accidentally sign up for some service that I was not interested in.  Needless to say I finally found my way through there maze and pointed the domain to my DNS server

I had an old server laying around so I decided to host the site myself.  So I Installed Debian, setup Apache, Bind MySQL and PHP.  Thankfully that went smoothly except it has been a few years since I used MySQL and they changed a few things.  It took me a few minutes to become familiar with it again, but was not to difficult and within an hour I had my database setup and connecting from my PHP code.

At this point it would seem that I am home free.  Just design my site, well that turned out to be another adventure.  This one I was happy about.  HTML and CSS has improved in more ways then I was aware.  I was surprised at just how much one could do with those languages today.  After my site was designed and basic functionality was implemented.  I decided that after all I had to go through just to register a the domain from networksolutions, that I was going to offer a much simpler and secure way to accomplish that.  I always wanted to have dot-less domain names but that is not an option.  So I decided that I would create my own domain server and allow dot-less domains.  It was a huge challenge in setting up the DNS, but when I finally got it correct it was worth it.

I also needed to implement the domain system so that it would never conflict with ICANN's domains.  How that was accomplished was to change everything around.  Currently if we want to goto a web address then we type  It's a good system that works, but my implementation is no.nodotdomain (removing the WWW and the .COM)

If you would like to learn more about how how work or just have a suggestion or idea please feel free to let me know.

mail: [email protected]

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